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April 4, 2013

Dear friends,

Welcome to the fourth edition of my Newsletter, summarising what I have been working on since the last issue in December.

I have been very busy preparing for my upcoming exhibition to be held in Avoca at Malahide Castle with an opening reception on Saturday 4th of May at 6pm and running until the 15th of May. All are welcome.

Above is a recent painting entitled ‘Family’ which will form part of the show.

This recently completed painting entitled ‘First light’ will also be featured.

As will this painting entitled ‘Tomorrow’s dream’.

In February I hosted ‘An Open Day Art Demonstration’ at my home. During the day I preformed artistic demonstrations, showing how I produce paintings. I am delighted to say, that there was a good attendance and this has prompted me to consider running more of these days in the future. If you would like to attend any of my demonstrations or would like me to come and talk to your art group, please respond to this email or log on to

Here is a video still from a recent talk that I gave to ‘The Portmarnock Art Group’. The full video can be viewed at

You can follow me on Twitter at and connect on Facebook at

Thanks so much for reading. It’s great to keep you all updated with my latest activities and please feel free to reply with any feedback or to find out more about my work. I am already looking forward to putting together the next Newsletter, which will give you a ‘heads up’ prior to the exhibition in May.

Kindest regards,

Ronan Goti.

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December 6, 2012
Dear friends,
Welcome to the third edition of my Newsletter, summarising what I have been working on since the last edition issued in August.
It has been a very eventful and progressive year for my art.  
Above is a recent painting entitled, ‘Through the clouds’. This is a spiritual painting for me as I get a feeling of a divine presence coming through the clouds.  Sunrise over Portmarnock beach is always different and always worth getting up for, with inspiring colours, reflections and an atmosphere of being totally at one with nature.
 Above is another recent painting entitled, ‘Reflecting on ourselves’
The figure composition of Mother and Child is full of meaning. The mother is showing her child the world. She holds him tightly and tips him gently towards the water, guiding him in discovering and experiencing new sensations of the world around him.
My drawing studies from Michelangelo (image below) are quite present within this painting. The strength and dynamism of the figurative set up and the application of the colours emphasise the feeling of weight through deep outline. This technique is influenced by the works of Michelangelo and is explored further in 2 new videos on my website
In the image above you can see the under painting of ‘Reflecting on ourselves’, giving you a visual insight into how I build my paintings up in layers.
 Above is a scene from inside my studio. On the easel is a charcoal study of Michelangelo’s Adam taken from the book on the shelf behind.
The photograph above shows a painting table I have recently made for my studio. I use it to present art books that I am studying from.  These books are permanently on display so as to continuously influence me as I work.
 Above is ‘the office’ part of my studio. To the right of the desk is a painting trolley that I have built.  This trolley is always beside me while I paint so all my tools are instantly to hand. It has proven to be a great help in producing my art.
 Above is a photo taken of an artist and good friend of mine called Eugene Conway, beside a painting of him which I created at the R.H.A. life studies class recently.  Attending these Life Drawing classes over the years has helped to refine my drawing skills and the flow of my work.
I was commissioned to make a painting from the Island golf club recently. To make this, I painted on location in the dunes (photo above) and then with photographic references finished off the painting at the studio.
It is with great excitement that I can announce the venue for my next exhibition. It will be at ‘Avoca’, Malahide Castle. The show will run from Saturday 4th until Wednesday 15th May 2013. The Castle Demense has had a massive revamp and Avoca is beautifully nestled inside the grounds.  Upon a recent first visit I was really impressed with the venue.
I am also hosting a ‘an open house studio tour’ at my home in Portmarnock in February. During the tour I will be performing artistic demonstrations, showing how I produce paintings. To inquire about the tour simply respond to this email or at [email protected]

If you would like to receive complimentary cards, exhibition invitations and catalogues please send on your postal address by reply to this email.                                                                                                                                                            

I am actively using my twitter account now if you would like to follow what I am up to @RonanGoti  

Thanks so much for reading.  It’s great to keep you all updated with my latest activities and please feel free to reply with any feedback or to find out more about my work.  I am already looking forward to putting together the next newsletter which should be with you in February.                                                                                               

Merry Christmas and Kindest regards,

Ronan Goti

Latest news

August 28, 2012
Dear friends,
In the last edition you were invited to my exhibition ‘The Balance’ at  Malahide library. At ‘The Balance’ I had a painting in progress on display. I worked on this at the show, giving visitors the additional interest of seeing how I create a painting. Below is the finished piece, ‘Silver breeze’.
The week before ‘The Balance’, I gave a two day talk and demonstration to the children of St. Helen’s National school in Portmarnock, Co. Dublin. I made a large drawing of a tree that the children of the school walk by every day, but may not have particularly noticed before.  The experience of teaching in the school was extremely uplifting and rewarding.
I asked the children to create their own works of art based on the tree and we had an exhibition of their art several weeks later.
Recently there have been many additions and improvements to
Have a look at the reworked ‘drawings’ section
and the reworked ‘out and about’ section
I have mapped out a schedule of future events, with a solo show booked in for May 2013 (details to follow shortly).
If you have friends who would like to receive this newsletter, please do let them know about it.
The next edition of the Newsletter will be sent to you in November.
Kindest regards,

Ronan Goti. 

Ronan Goti: New Exhibition

May 9, 2012

Dear friends,

This is the first edition of my newsletter. Last year’s exhibition, ‘SEASONS’ was my fourth solo show, but it was the first one that I fully organised myself.

‘Seasons’ was a look back through the art I have created over the past ten years. Running the show was a way to connect with the people interested in my art and find out what exactly what they like about it.

The exhibition was a showcase of my capabilities as an artist and my expectation was to arrange some commissions with people.

I am glad to say that the show was a great success. Over thirty people requested commissions to be painted and I have been working on them since then.

My next show will comprise of these paintings. The owners have agreed to loan their paintings to me. I hope to show and discuss these paintings with people who come along to the exhibition and discuss other ideas for further paintings with them.

The two paintings above are examples of paintings that I have recently completed and they will be on display in this exhibition.

To give an example of how a commission works; the painting on the top was done for a couple who have admired my work for a number of years. We met and agreed that their children would be incorporated into their painting. The location of the painting was chosen because the couple have a deep affinity with that area.

The painting just above came about by an interested client making a visit to my studio and selecting an image from the large collection I have on display there.

In all cases the clients either tell me what size of painting they would like or how much they are prepared to spend.

So all that remains is for me to invite you to my exhibition, opening in Malahide library on Saturday 19th May from 2pm to 5pm. The library closes on Sundays and the show runs until Friday 1st June. I will be present for most of the time and will be painting while there.

Please respond to this email if you have any thoughts to share and if you have any friends who would like to know about my newsletter, please show them the link on .

0861077628 is my business line and [email protected] is my email.

Kindest regards,

Ronan Goti